Hi My Name is David Afonso

I'm a Swing DJ for Lindy Hop, Blues & Balboa

A Little About Me

I love sharing stuff... and in the dance community I found a way to share one of my biggest pleasures in life: Jazz music.

As one of the most active swing DJ's in Lisbon (Portugal) since 2010, as an ocasional international DJ, as a swing dancer, Lindy Hop teacher and event organizer, I know how to "read" a swing dancefloor and deliver the right music to electrify a party.

From the 20's to the present, from the chunkiness of Swing, to the power of Big Bands, the melodic entanglement of Dixieland, the high-energy of Jump Blues, the harmonization of Jazz, the honey of Blues, the shouts of Gospel, the la pompe rhythm of Manouche, it all coexists within my DJ sets.

Two things are required to glue this diversity together though: an irresistible dancing rhythm and authenticity in playing. If the songs have claps and/or if they talk about food, even better!

Sound Quality

Sound is vital for good music appreciation. Small noises, distortions, low frequency range, low dinamic range, bad equalization or bad mastering, etc, very common in old recordings, drastically afect the mood of the song. Hence I spend hours and hours per day looking for "that version" with the best sound quality of that particular song that will feed the "best dances".

100% Legal

All of my music was legally bought from trusted entities, aproved by theSociedade Portuguesa de Autores(SPA). In accordance with the Portuguese law, I always carry proof of purchase of all my musical library, as well as the emails from SPA stating the conformity of the selling companies. All software in my computer is legal, from the operating system to the DJ software.


Other services

I also dance and teach Lindy Hop. If you're interested in a class, a performance or other dance related stuff check us out at

My approach

When I DJ, I just don't simply play music. I get involved in the event as much as I can, helping out with whatever I'm able to: moving chairs, adjusting or setting up the sound system for optimal dancing experience depending on the room acoustics, getting to venue before everyone else to make sure everything is ready, helping cleaning and re-organizing the dance-floor after a crazy party, carrying stuff between venues, etc. And I usually don't wait to be asked for help, I tend to get up and get things done. If you like that attitude I might be your next best partner ;)


Audio equipment setup 73%
DJ software 60%
Room acoustics 80%
Audio editing & mixing 70%
Crowd reading 90%

Some Photos

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Latests International Works

Some Recent Gigs

Oh, how I love to travel, play music and dance.

Here is a list of some events I had, or will have, the pleasure to play at. Every single one was special in it's own way. Click to find out.

Swim Out - Costa Brava - 2014 & 2015

Take Five - 2014

Swing Summit - 2013 & 2015

Atlantic Swing Festival - 2013

Stir It! - 2015

Smokey Feet - Netherlands - 2016


What some say about me

Annette Kühnle, Heidelberg - Take 5

I had met David at various lindy events in Europe before we found out that we both liked to send in our recent favorite swing tunes to the same nerdy swing DJ podcast. As I had always loved his contributions and his online playlists I decided to hire David for my big swing festival in Heidelberg. And I'm very glad I did!

He is a fantastic and very reliable DJ with a huge variety of swingin' tunes and when he's not too busy keeping the floor jumping himself he also loves to swing people out the whole night long.

But that's not all: Being a major sound nerd he will personally make sure you get the very best sound of whatever equipment provided, even if that means relocating and readjusting heavy sound equipment for just a few hours of dancing.

David adapted to all possible DJ situations with ease: Opening the night and getting the dancers on the floor in no time, playing at prime time and keeping the party jumping for hours and DJing the last set of the night leaving people wanting more on their way home. In short: He is an all around awesome DJ and definitely knows his music inside out. I couldn't recommend him more!

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Contact Me

Get in touch

If you'd like me to spin some tunes on your Lindy Hop and Blues event, feel free to contact me.

david.afonso@gmail.com | +351 960002148 | Lisbon, Portugal

Swim Out - 2014

Held in Costa Brava, Spain organized by Windy Hoppers association, is a chilout festival, in a beautiful beach location and lots of great relaxed dances.


Other DJ's

Personal experience

This promises to be a real treat to hang-out, lindy hop a little bit and dj some crazy swing.

Take five - 2014

Held in Heidelberg Germany, organized by Annette, was a festival focused on providing quality dance classes from top teachers in small groups, to non-beginners.


Other DJ's

Personal experience

This was the first time I was an official DJ on an internacional Swing event. I did both the beginning, middle and end of parties. I have a special connection to Heidelberg so this was a real treat.

Swing Summit - 2014

Held in the beautiful green mountain in Ardeche, France, and organized by Swing Step team, is a festival highly focused on dance training. Here, in a relax environment in the country side, your dancing skills are challenged to the next level, with a very coherent and interconnected approach and material from all teachers.


Other DJ's

Personal experience

This was the first time I DJ'ed internationaly even if unoficially. Due to the relaxed nature of this camp, I was invited to step up to the DJ table during the event itself. And it was a good start.

Atlantic Swing Festival - 2013

Held in Lisbon, Portugal, was organized by the Swing Station team, is a festival.


Personal experience

Since I was one of the organizers of this Lindy Hop event in Lisbon, I was "so lucky" to get a seat behind the DJ set. Since the theme was "Stomping at Savoy" I did a very special DJ set only with bands that played for dancers at the Savoy. It was great.

Stir it! - 2015

Held in Zurich, Switzerland is a festival that tries to merge several dance styles.


  • Evin & Andrew (USA)
  • Lisa & Fabien (UK / F)
  • Jenna & Jon (USA)
  • Philippa & Vivien (SWE / UK)
  • Ruby &Lucas (USA)
  • Ursi & Jered (CH / USA)
  • Annette (D)
  • JoYsS (F)

Personal experience

This was the first time, I was fully hired as a DJ only. It was a very different and interesting perspective.